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Specializing in Hospitality, Medical, Retail, and ALF Developments

With traditional construction practices, it is typical to have a number of individual contractors and suppliers involved on a single project: lighting designer, electrical contractor, electrical supply house, solar power subcontractor, controls integrator and other specialists.
The difficulty in coordinating these many different disciplines and people affects ROI substantially, and results in complications like project management headaches, additional time and cost overruns, limited system functionality and ongoing maintenance issues.
The philosophy for the RDB team is that every facility and its operations are as individual as its users. We understand how to design and apply today’s technology to our projects to create solutions that maximize performance and ROI for each facility individually, based on its needs and functions. You cannot accomplish that with a boilerplate specifications.
Every RDB proposal is fully transparent and delivers a clear set of materials, methods and expectations so there are no misunderstandings after project commissioning. Speaking of commissioning, because RDB designs and specifies the entire project and can execute the installation and commissioning, if there is an issue or a question, there is only one point of accountability.

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Our Mission

Successful project execution is just the beginning; ongoing service is paramount. We are accessible and responsive to our client’s needs and requests.

Industry Vision

People and process make the difference. With over 40 years of experience, our founders have the vision and knowledge to select the right technology and solutions for the application.

Project Process

The RDB project process is made up of Seven Main Steps