Lighting Systems

Human Centric Lighting for Performance and Efficiency

The advent of LED lighting has opened the door for far more possibilities and efficiencies than ever imagined.  Traditional lighting relies on a filament or gas to emanate light.  LED lighting is actually an electronic device that can be controlled and adjusted to provide numerous illumination options.  Brightness, color temperature, color rendering (CRI), color accuracy (R), and spectral color are all available as a lighting choice.  Additionally, we can offer either traditional 120VAC or a complete Class 2 low voltage lighting solution. How do you design a lighting system for Performance and Efficiency?  The answer is it depends on the desired result.


Lighting can be designed to make employees more comfortable.  Color temperatures and lumen output can be chosen so employees can see their work more clearly or have reduces eyestrain.  Controls can be used to automatically adjust intensity and color to get.


Use lighting to create a warm, relaxing and inviting environment.


Selecting lights that enhance the appearance of the food that has just been served while keeping patrons engaged with each other.

Senior and Assisted Living Facilities

Use warm dimming and Color tuning LEDS to keep residents on their natural circadian rhythm with respect to light.  Numerous medical studies have shown the healing benefits associated with proper circadian rhythm as well as reduced anxiety, confusion, irritability as well as the need for anti-depressant of sleeping assist medication.

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